E. coli Database Collection --> GCG format

Jack Leunissen jackl at sci.kun.nl
Thu Nov 3 16:57:55 EST 1994

In <398sqb$79b at emory.mathcs.emory.edu> bcresas at bimcore.emory.edu (Scott Sammons) writes:

>Has anyone successfully reformatted the ECD data into GCG formatted databases.
>The program embltogcg core dumps when I try it with one of the ECD .dat

You might try my program "embl2nbrf", which reformats EMBL-formatted data
into NBRF (=PIR) format. GCG handles this, provided you change the format
identifier in the .header file from GCG into NBRF.

You can find the program at "ftp.caos.kun.nl", via anonymous FTP, in the
directory "pub/molbio/embl2nbrf".

Best regards,

Jack Leunissen

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