EGCG and GelPicture??

Peter Rice rice at embl-heidelberg.de
Sun May 29 03:51:03 EST 1994

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> What is EGCG and GlPicture?
> Our version 7.3 of GCG does not have this program?

EGCG is a package of extended GCG programs which you should find as unsupported
software in your GCG distribution. The VMS version was previously called
GCGEMBL, which may be what has confused you. GelPicture is one of the
extra fragment assembly programs in EGCG which reports the status of a contig
and highlights remaining errors and ambiguities.

The latest VMS release (for VAX or Alpha) is available by anonymous ftp
from ftp.embl-heidelberg.de in directory pub/software/vax/egcg

The latest Unix release was on GCG's CD-ROM with the 7.2 release of GCG.

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