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> > Actually, using the GCG package on the vax, you can use findpatterns to answer 
> > the question.  Use the pattern <~V{1,49}~V> to search your favorite database.
> > (ie., N-term not val, followed by 1-49 residues that are not val, and the 
> > cterm)
> > If you want to use the sequences for some other analyses, or as a database,
> > use the /names option.
> This is an approach that completely escaped me.  This approach is far
> superior since it is more flexible -- you don't have to write a new program
> every time you change your search criteria.  Unfortunately, I cannot find a
> way to limit the search to proteins of fewer than 50 residues in length
> since the "<" and ">" constraints don't seem to work as advertised.  I can
> limit the overhead somewhat by using the command line qualifier
> "/exclude=50,20000", but the results still include sequences of 50 or more
> residues.

I realized a similar problem some weeks ago with nucleotide sequences. The
"<" and ">" constraints didn't work either on "<X{1,49}X>" :-(

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