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>   Is there someone that can give me a clue about the following
>   search :
>    I need proteins of less than 50 residues without any valines
>    in their sequences.
>     How would you go about searching the databases for them  ?

I know of no way to find out this answer using GCG or Entrez.  However, I
modified some code that searches the FastA version of GenPept and did this
search on a Macintosh computer.

There are 3487 sequences in GenPept, ranging in size from 1 residue (234
sequences) to 49 residues (8 sequences), that contain 0 valine residues. 
The output file, which contains the accession number, locus name, and
number of residues, is 153K in size.  If you're still interested, I can
e-mail it to you.
Conrad Halling
Computational Molecular Biologist
Monsanto Co., St. Louis

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