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David Mathog mathog at seqvax.caltech.edu
Mon May 16 20:07:00 EST 1994

I recently stumbled upon the blurb that follows my signature while poking
around on Digital' electronic connection (via telnet on
orders.sales.digital.com, accounts are free but they take a few days to get
you the paperwork). Ok, it contains some pure DEC advertising, hardly
surprising considering where I found it, but there is some interesting
information in there too for anybody shopping for new hardware to run GCG.

Will someone at GCG please explain exactly what the benchmarks were?


David Mathog
mathog at seqvax.bio.caltech.edu
Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 

    	Genetics Computer Group - Alpha AXP Configurations

Thank you for your interest in Digital's Alpha AXP as the platform of choice
to use with the GCG Wisconsin Sequence Analysis Package.

Some recent Alpha AXP performance benchmarks that may be of interest are:

FASTA Benchmark (run with cooperation of MIT/Whitehead)
SPARC10/40		1.20 sec
AlphaAXP OSF/1 3000-600	 .37 sec
AlphaAXP OSF/1 3000-800	 .31 sec

BLAST (run with cooperation of NIH/NCBI)
SPARCstation/2 		  88 sec
SPARC 10/41		  43 sec
SGI R3000		  65 sec
SGI Challenge/XLR4400	  23 sec
AlphaAXP OSF/1 3000-600	  23 sec
AlphaAXP OSF/1 3000-800	  19 sec

For GCG's Wisconsin Package, we recommend that you consider Alpha AXP
configurations starting with:

 	64MB memory and 2GB disk.
 	You will require a CD ROM drive and a 4mm dat tape drive
    		for software distribution and back-up.

Depending on the number of users, you may wish to order a workstation(s) or
server(s) running OSF/1 (Version 8.0 of the Wisconsin Package will support
OSF/1 in August, the beta version will be released in June) and/or OpenVMS
(Version 7 of the Wisconsin Package supports OpenVMS now).  In addition you
may need to order Fortran Media, Documentation and License.

The following workstation configurations represent some typical
configurations that you may wish to consider.  We recommend that you use
this information as a starting point and that your next step would be to
contact Digital's DECdirect (in the US 1-800-DIGITAL) or your local Digital

Sales Representative to help you with your specific requirements.

If you require a server configuration you may consider the server version of
systems described below.  Or, you may wish to consider the new Alpha 2100
that scales to 4 CPUs and has received enthusiastic reviews by the computer
press and software developers.  You can find additional information about
the Alpha 2100 in the Server Menu or from DECdirect or your local Digital
Sales Representative.

If you require additional information from GCG please phone 608 231 5200,
FAX 608 231 4202 or send Email to rosetta at gcg.com

AlphaAXP DEC3000-300X
A packaged entry-level configuration is listed under the Alpha menu.  It has

32MB memory but can expanded.  This system may be adequate if you are in a
networked environment and using NFS mounted disks or cluster.  Please note
that you will require a 4 mm tape drive or CD ROM drive.

AlphaAXP  DEC3000-600
PE421-CA	DEC3000-600 with 64MB memory, 19" color monitor, HX graphics,
    			1.05GB disk, CD ROM,  2 SCSI-2 controllers, OSF/1 O/S
PE421-NA	DEC3000-600 with 64MB memory, 19" color monitor, HX graphics,
    			1.05GB disk, CD ROM, 2 SCSI-2 controllers,  OpenVMS O/S
RZ25L-EP	535MB disk
RS26L-EP	1.05GB disk
RZ28L-EP	2GB disk

AlphaAXP DEC3000-800

PE521-BA	DEC3000-800 with 64MB memory, 19" color monitor, HX graphics,
    			2 1.05GB disks, CD ROM, 2 SCSI-2 controllers, OSF/1 O/S
PE521-MA	DEC3000-800 with 64MB memory, 19" color monitor, HX graphics,
    			2 1.05GB disks, CD ROM, 2 SCSI-2controllers, OpenVMS O/S

In addition:
You may require:
    .A 4mm dat tape drive
    .Fortran Media/Documentation Kit and License
    .Other layered products.
Please enquire about Software and Hardware Service.


Please see ad in April 29th issue of SCIENCE

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