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In article AA01669 at leper1, zucker%leper1 at LEPER1.CA.AECOM.YU.EDU (Thomas Zucker-Scharff x3512) writes:
>If your using a MAC, a free program called Network Entrez is available from the
>NCBI in Washington.  You can download it from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, the entrez/
>network directory has the Nentrez.hqx file.
But my impression was that Keith Akama was looking for software that will do 
"homology searches."  I assume that this means answering the question: what 
sequences in the databases are similar (perhaps homologous) to mine.  NetEntrez 
is wonderful software but I don't believe it can do homology searches.  A 
possibility in the near future is using the forms-capable version of MacMosaic 
(version 2.0, soon to be released?).  One can then use Mosaic as a front end to 
do BLAST and FASTA searches through the NCBI or the GenQuest system at ORNL.

I am currently having network problems that keep me from accessing the servers,
so I can't easily dig up the URLs for many of these services.  The URL for the 
BLAST search query page is "http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Recipon/blast_search.html" 
My home page that provides links to many of the services is at 

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