How to make Prettybox work?

varela at unm.edu varela at unm.edu
Thu May 12 11:49:53 EST 1994


	The PRETTYBOX program was just installed into our VAX computer
containing the GCG software package, but it doesn't work.  Below is the
apparent error message received when the program is run.   Questions: 1)
what does the error message mean? 2) More importantly, what can be done to
make it work?

	We at UNM will really appreciate advise or information sent our
way.  You may reply to the newsgroup.

Manuel F. Varela, PhD Student             Internet: mvarela at medusa.unm.edu
Cell Biology Department                             varela at triton.unm.edu
Cancer Research and Treatment Center               
UNM School of Medicine                    Bitnet: mvarela at medusa
Albuquerque, NM 87131                             varela at bootes

$ prettybox

 PRETTYBOX what sequences ? *.pro4;*
                    Actii.Pro4, len: 577
Arithmetic trap, subscript out of range at PC=00291AC3, PSL=03C00064
Symbolic stack dump follows
module name     routine name                     line       rel PC    abs PC

PRETTYBOX       PRETTYBOX                         388      000004C3  00291AC3
                                                           002A03C9  002A03C9
                                                           0029E405  0029E405
                                                           002A03A4  002A03A4
                                                           0029E3E3  0029E3E3
                                                           002A03A4  002A03A4


P.S.  _All_ file specifications do not work (i.e, @filename.fil, etc); the
result is the same for each one.
           --Manny Varela

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