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If your using a MAC, a free program called Network Entrez is available from the
NCBI in Washington.  You can download it from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, the entrez/
network directory has the Nentrez.hqx file.

Be aware that you must register your machine IP address with them before using it.
If your network has an administrator (s)he will need to do the registration.

To register send email to epstein at gold.nlm.nih.gov stating that you would like to
register computers with the following IP addresses, then list the IP's
e.g., 129.98.50.*   all machines in the 129.98.50 domain ( for ex.).

Once you have registerred run the netentcfg file to configure NetEntrez (I use all
defaults).  You can configure the program to use just the network server, this
way you don't need to own the data CD's.  If you do this you will then have
direct access to the most up to date database of sequences for *NO* cost 
(GCG, or The Wisconsin Package, is commercial and costs plenty!  I know, I'm
the SysAdmin for GCG at our site.

Good Luck

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