MAP routine ENZyme qualifier

Michael J. Weise weise at BSCR.UGA.EDU
Wed May 11 07:59:06 EST 1994

>I am running a LOT of RE digest analyses with the MAP routine, using the same
>set of 20 RE's. Inputing the abrevs for each of the enzymes either as the 
>/ENZyme qualifier or as prompted from within the routine has been a tedious
>task. To aleviate some of the manual work, I tried using a file list of the 
>enzymes with the enzyme qualifier ... /ENZyme=@enzyme.list, but to no avail.
>Is there a WORKABLE and/or BETTER way of inputing a list of RE's ?
>Thanks. Chris.
>Christopher Smith
>School of Biological Sciences
>University of Nebraska
>csmith at crcvms.unl.edu

	By default MAP uses the public copy of ENZYME.DAT, but you can change 
this.  FETCH ENZYME.DAT and edit it so that it contains only the REs you want to 
use (probably also good to RENAME  ENZYME.DAT  MY_ENZYME.DAT).  To run MAP using 
your set of REs, do  MAP/DATA=MY_ENZYME.DAT.

	Hope this helps,

		Michael J. Weise, Ph.D.
		System Administrator
		University of Georgia
		Biological Sciences Computing Resource
		email: weise at bscr.uga.edu
                phone: (706) 542-1409

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