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In <01HC6TWV7M9S0018R8 at crcvms.unl.edu> CSMITH at CRCVMS.UNL.EDU writes:

> I am running a LOT of RE digest analyses with the MAP routine, using the same
> set of 20 RE's. Inputing the abrevs for each of the enzymes either as the 
> /ENZyme qualifier or as prompted from within the routine has been a tedious
> task. To aleviate some of the manual work, I tried using a file list of the 
> enzymes with the enzyme qualifier ... /ENZyme=@enzyme.list, but to no avail.
> Is there a WORKABLE and/or BETTER way of inputing a list of RE's ?

Christoph Gartmann reply a possible solution:

>$ EDIT ENZYME.DAT      !Use your favourite editor, e.g. EDIT/TPU
> now remove all the enzymes you don't want from the list and save
>$ MAP...
>Map will now read your local ENZYME.DAT (the programm will tell you) and
>you may simply choose the default when you are prompted for the enzymes.

 Here is another solution: You may write your own enzyme.dat file.
 For example, if you write a file enz.dat like:

 ApaI    5  G_GGCC'C  -4 
 EcoRI   1  G'AATT_C   4
 EcoRV   3  GAT'ATC    0

 And run MAP

 GCG will read  your enz.dat file, and when you select "*"(all enzyme),
 there shall be only 3 enzymes selected.
 Hope it will help. 

 William Y. Wen
 Taiwan R.O.C
 g78138201%vax9k.dnet at nchud1.nchu.edu.tw

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