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> > Hello GCG users,
> > 
> > When running a search program such as FINDPATTERNS, is there any way
> > to restrict the search only within cDNA or mRNA excluding genomic DNA etc?
> There is no way that I've found to specify a cDNA search in GCG. This
> method works for me, though it's not 100% foolproof:
> * Do a 'stringsearch -noheading -noscreen -nomonitor -outfile=cdna.txt'
>   of the database for all occurances of the text string "cDNA". This will
>   save a list of all the sequence names into a file named "cdna.txt"
> Keith
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Keith and Akemi:

   I agree that STRINGSEARCH is the way to go for this. I recently did a
search. Doing a couple of "practice" searches, I found that there was no
keyword or words which always identified cDNAs. "cDNA" was actually quite
The prefered term seems to be "cds" (whatever that might mean). I ended up
doing a STRINGSEARCH on <cds, mRNA, exon, " gene", onco>. Notice that "
gene" is in quotes and is preceeded by a space -- this precludes the
finding of
"pseudogene," which is common. The <onco> is to take into account the
instances which were identified only as "oncogene."

   Good luck,

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