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Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Thu Mar 24 06:30:11 EST 1994

In <MAILQUEUE-101.940324093653.852 at micro.uct.ac.za> ED at micro.uct.ac.za writes:

> There's a lot of things GCG is no good for...!  It's as clunky as a 
> car designed by a committee of bicycle riders in the Stalinist central 
> planning era -

Don't let us start a discussion this way...

> and if I could get a decent menu interface to WORK I would be a happy
> settler...!

I don't know whether you run VMS or UNIX, but in the former case: did you
really try my GCG-menu?
1.) Pick it up from the EMBL file server
2.) uudecode it
3.) unzip
4.) $ @sys$update:vmsinstal
5.) answer a few questions
    - product to install?
    - where is the saveset located?
    - are you satisfied with the backup of your system disk?
    - users ... are working, continue anyway?
    - enter disk where GCG-menu should be installed
    - enter directory...
6.) You are done in less than half an hour.

In case that you send me a tape you may skip topics 1.) to 3.)

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