Looking for Ecoli Genome database

Keith Robison robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 24 08:00:45 EST 1994

pagilbert at cti.ulaval.ca (Philippe-Alexandre Gilbert) writes:

>I'm looking for any informations which could permit me to find a kind of
>Ecoli Genome Database or Ecoli Map database. We would like to find where
>are located our sequence patterns on the Ecoli Genome . Is GCG able to do
>that kind of research ? Any idea ?

Manfred Kroeger's ECD is available via FTP from ftp.embl-heidelberg.edu.
This is a database which describes how to assemble a non-redundant E.coli
sequence from all known sequences (i.e. who overlaps whom and where they
map).  Software to assemble the sequence is available from EMBL on their

You might just try running a comparison search (BLAST or FASTA) of your
sequence against the Bacterial section of the database, and then searching
ECD for the accession numbers of any E.coli sequences which come up.
ECD can be searched via WWW at http://golgi.harvard.edu/gilbert-bi.html
(if you are truly stuck in the gopher world you can find it on the
gopher server at golgi.harvard.edu, but be warned that this gopher 
is not really set up for human consumption -- it is the search engine
for the Web server).

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