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Charles Bailey bailey at hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu
Thu Mar 24 15:10:45 EST 1994

In article <Lab_Mac_Hanson-180394091936 at>, Lab_Mac_Hanson at QMrelay.mail.cornell.edu (Hanson Lab) writes:
> We have this problem... Does anyone else have a solution?  If one downloads
> a PUBLISH file from GCG (VAX), and then tries to import that file into a
> Macintosh drawing program like MacDraw Pro, the text begings to act
> strange.  If one tries to  box a segment of sequence, or bold a segment of
> sequence, or underline a segment of sequence within that file, although on
> the screen evrything looks great, when the resultant file is printed, the
> altered text has *moved* relative to the rest of the text.  In the case of
> drawing a box around sequence, the box moves -- so the drawing program is
> not WYSIWYG.  The only way we have been able to get around this is to
> manually go and move the box in the draw program so that it looks okay on

I've used Deneba's Canvas to make this kind of modification to PUBLISH output
without any problems.  It's a large program, and a bit clunky sometimes, but
it's capable of doing nearly everything I need to manipluate text and QuickDraw

Disclaimer: I have no relationship to Deneba except as a user of their product,
I'm not saying this in any official or institutional capacity.

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