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> All I want to do is to take a sequence of a vector (which I have the
> file for) and insert the sequence for a gene (which I also have the file
> for) in the correct R.E. site. 

You should be able to do this in SEQED.
Edit the vector sequence using SEQED and go to the restriction site using
the cursor keys, or by giving the position. Then go to command mode with
<ctrl-Z> and type INCLUDE. The program will prompt for the name, range and 
orientation of the included  sequence, and will then insert it at the
position, leaving markers at either end of the insert.
You may need to edit the ends of the insert, especially if you have
the ends in the real cloning. Finally, type WRITE "newfile.name" or EXIT
"newfile.name" to make sure you don't overwrite the vector file.

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