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> We have this problem... Does anyone else have a solution?  If one downloads
> a PUBLISH file from GCG (VAX), and then tries to import that file into a
> Macintosh drawing program like MacDraw Pro, the text begings to act
> strange.  If one tries to  box a segment of sequence, or bold a segment of
> sequence, or underline a segment of sequence within that file, although on
> the screen evrything looks great, when the resultant file is printed, the
> altered text has *moved* relative to the rest of the text.

There is a cure for this problem, but only for those using MacDraw Pro (I'm
using version 1.5v1)

Under the "Layout" menu, chose "Preferences..."
Within the preferences dialog, choose "Printing".
At the bottom is a pair of Radio Buttons for "Standard character placement"
or "Precise character placement"

Clicking "Precise character placement" should print the character exactly
the way that they appear on the screen.

let me know how it goes.

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