Modernizing digitizer input to Seqed

Fri Mar 18 10:04:38 EST 1994

Whereas previously most of this institute was using VT220's and modems,
they now nearly all use Mac's or PC's running terminal emulators and are
connected to the VAX cluster via ethernet.  No longer can a sonic digitizer
be connected as described in the documentation for Seqed.

I was wondering if others out there have solved this problem and how.
(One could just find himself a modem, or course. OR one could find a 
terminal server for the digitizer and have one's process attach its port;
but these are un-aesthetic and awkward)

It occured to me that if these terminal emulators really emulated a VT220, one
should be able to set up communication with a device (the digitizer) attached
to the printer port.  Seqed could be modified to put out the appropriate escape
sequence to turn on the printer port upon receiving the DIGitizer command and
the sequence to turn off the printer port when "keyboard" was received from the

Most folks here use VersaTerm Pro. Synergy's technical support informed me
this morning that VersaTerm does not have this type of capability.
The PC people use Zstem. I don't know about that one. I have White Pine's
Mac340. They claim that they totally emulate a VT340, but I haven't gotten 
it to work.

Please send me your ideas, especially if they've worked.

Nick Staffa  -- Central Science Support
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

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