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Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at biomaster.uio.no
Thu Mar 17 07:49:35 EST 1994

In article <JRValverde-160394175626 at anu.iib.uam.es>, JRValverde at Enlil.iib.uam.es (J. R. Valverde) writes:
|> Hi,
|>   I've been told that there is a program in the EMBNet that handles
|> automatically the updates of GCG databases.
|>   Anyone knows where can I find it or who are the authors? Is the source
|> code available? Does it run with CMU/IP?
|>   Thanks,
|>              jr

Yes this is correct. As a matter of fact there are several ways of
doing this but the one used at most EMBnet sites is the so called:
NDT. NDT runs quitely in the background, updating the database
(in this case EMBL) while you sleep. 

Presently NDT compiles undere various flavours of U**X and VMS.

NDT was developed by Peter Gad of the Swedish EMBnet node who 
should be contacted for details:

peter at bio.embnet.se

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