Help with PIR CDROM reformating

lpezzi at samba.cnb.uam.es lpezzi at samba.cnb.uam.es
Tue Mar 15 18:21:04 EST 1994

I am trying to reformat the PIR database from the distribution CDROM to be
used by GCG with the PIRtoGCG command. The system is a DEC alpha running 
OpenVMS 1.5.

The program runs Ok but the resulting database has the wrong format. It would
even make programs like fetch to crash when searching through PIR.

I am convinced that the problem is the command used to mount the CDROM of the 

Mount/media=cdrom/undef=(fixed:none:80)/over=ident dka400:

I tried different combinations of the undefined_fat parameters but none seems
to work.

I know that, for instance, the command:

 Mount/media=cdrom/undef=(Stream_LF:80)/over=ident dka400: 

will work with the EMBL distribution CDROM.

Has anybody solved this already ?


Luis Pezzi
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia
Madrid. Spain

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