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> As GCG Inc. is selling the package with a copyright, its documentation 
> is copyrighted as well. Each machine which runs GCG has the command 
> genmanual
> which gets a list by topic, and 
> genhelp 
> which lists items by program name.
> Novices might particularly enjoy the genmanual section on 
> Users_guide, subtopic  New_users. 
> Th postscript documents are in a directory with the logical name GENDOCPS.

The GCG program Red can be used to print the manuals.  This program reads
driver files that reside in the logical directory "GenDocDriver" under VMS.
The output of Red is PostScript-format documents that can be printed on
PostScript printers.

If GCG is installed on your computer system, you are allowed to print
manuals for your personal use.
Conrad Halling
Computational Molecular Biologist
Monsanto Co., St. Louis

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