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In article <CMAxsn.Iy1 at acsu.buffalo.edu>, meyer at acsu.buffalo.edu (DJM) writes:
|> Does anyone know if the manual for GCG is available electronically?
|> Perhaps via ftp?  Thanks!
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|> D.J. Meyer
|> meyer at acsu.buffalo.edu
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As GCG Inc. is selling the package with a copyright, its documentation 
is copyrighted as well. Each machine which runs GCG has the command 
which gets a list by topic, and 
which lists items by program name.
Novices might particularly enjoy the genmanual section on 
Users_guide, subtopic  New_users. 
Th postscript documents are in a directory with the logical name GENDOCPS.

If you do not have an access to a machine which runs GCG, you should not be
able to get a original's documentation by FTP. There are a couple of cookbooks 
and tutorials around, though, which might help getting you started. 
Followups redirected to bionet.software.gcg. 


Note that  the software  mentioned  resembles  Computer  Program(s)  which 
require a license in order to be run unless stated otherwise in  a  state-
ment  codistributed with the software. The use of the program(s) was  men-
tioned  within  a specific problem or example and must not be used to con-
clude that other  software products cannot possibly do a similar job. 

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