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Tue Mar 8 08:09:45 EST 1994

Hi fellow netters,

I posted a similar request this morning, but so far it's not appeared on the net.  As such, I'm sorry if this is the second time youv'e seen this post.

Anyway, the problem.

I am trying  to do a pileup, (ver 7.3.1 Unix) and it comes up with an error message telling me it refuses to align sequences over 5Kbp long.

Can this be over come.

If not, does anybody know of another program that can align 10-12Kbp. I have access to a sun IPC and a SGI Indigo server.

Some of you are asking WHY do i want to align more than 5kb; I want to compare some closely related retroviruses, and it would be interesting to align the whole genome, if nothing else for curiosity sake.


              Adrian Jenkins
              jenkins at uk.ac.nibsc.computing  

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