X-Window emulation

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Fri Mar 4 07:36:59 EST 1994

In <2l1qki$prf at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> jenkins at aidsun.nibsc.ac.uk writes:

>We have recently transfered GCG to Unix flavour.
>Does anybody know of an X-Window emulation package for the PC 
>which is Shareware or a reasonable cost.

Here is a recomendation from the EMBnet node in Belgium

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Hi everyone,
We were happy to discover the demo file (in fact fully functional, 
one X server at a time per subnet) of Micro-X. 
It is a shareware or inexpensive X window 
terminal emulation for PC Windows. It looks very functional ( in my case, 
under packet driver and Winsocks alpha 18), and is probably an excellent 
opportunity to spread X awareness among our users.
Graphics are definitely slower than on PCXWare, while text scrolling is 

Price ranges from 150$ (single copy) to 8$ (site licence, 50 or more).
To be found at the "usual" PC soft sources (cica, simtel, ...)
file name is xwindemo.zip
Ask info at : support at starnet.com.

Robert Herzog
ULB Brussels

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So if you want to try it out.

Try the following:

Host: src.doc.ic.ac.uk
Dir:  /computing/systems/ibmpc/windows3/demo 
File:  xwindemo.zip 1396922 Jan 20 17:11 

Host ftp.wustl.edu
Dir: /systems/ibmpc/win3/uploads 
File:  xwindemo.zip 1311624 Dec 20 13:15 

Host: utsun.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Dir: /PC/X/microx
File:xwindemo.zip 1396922 Jan 26 03:28

Host: monu6.cc.monash.edu.au
Dir: /pub/win3/demo
File: xwindemo.zip 1396922 Jan 21 22:12 

Best regards


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