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Chad Price x7936 cprice at netserv.unmc.edu
Wed Mar 2 17:13:30 EST 1994

David Womble (dwomble at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu) wrote:
: Which X-client software for PC or Mac works well with GCG vn 8 alphas?  
: Do multiple X-client connections strain CPU resources?

I'm using tcp/ip for OS/2 and the pmx X-server that goes with it. It seemed to
work just fine with the pre-alpha version that I looked at last August.

I typically have 3-5 X-window clients running with no problems. 

My machine is a 486/DX2 - 50 with 16MB memory and a western digital chipset for
video. I currently have 16 processes running, including my desktop, and
response time is OK. With more memory, I'd be better off, but current
performance is fine.

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