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In article <2kvt44$ajh at oak.oakland.edu>, dwomble at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu (David Womble) writes:
|> Which X-client software for PC or Mac works well with GCG vn 8 alphas?  
|> Do multiple X-client connections strain CPU resources?

The following describes our experience with X in a rather unspecific way.
On OpenVMS, the load impacted by X sessions is much higher than on UNIX 
due to the different properties and cost of a "process" creation and 
handling under VMS vs. UNIX. If you are a large site, VMS needs to be
configured  in the parameters to accept more than a given number of IP 
sessions (under UCX), so the more memory you have the better. As the 
memory consumption is cruical under UNIX as well, you will need to plan 
for a full-fledged site with some caution. In particular, idle sessions 
can easily be timed out on VMS as the process hierarchy is easy to 
analyze, whereas UNIX idle processes deserve more careful handling. 
We found that any X on Apple's local talk is rather slow. The screen size 
of the X environment should require > 17 inch monitors. Mac's don't 
behave too well with the single mouse button on general X applications. 

Note that these issues might not be specific for GCG X sessions, it is a 
more general concern on X. 


Note that  the software  mentioned  resembles  Computer  Program(s)  which 
require a license in order to be run unless stated otherwise in  a  state-
ment  codistributed with the software. The use of the program(s) was  men-
tioned  within  a specific problem or example and must not be used to con-
clude that other  software products cannot possibly do a similar job. 

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