Daniel Kahn dkahn at tlse.toulouse.inra.fr
Tue Mar 1 09:24:36 EST 1994

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*              ProDom PROTEIN DOMAIN MAIL SERVER AVAILABLE                  *
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This is a general annoucement of the ProDom protein domain mailserver
available at:

    prodom at toulouse.inra.fr         

ProDom is an automatically compiled database of protein domain families
(Sonnhammer & Kahn, 1994, Protein Science, in press). It is useful for
analyzing the domain organization of protein sequences.

The ProDom mailserver allows one to:

  * Compare an amino acid or nucleic acid sequence to the domain family  
    entries in the ProDom database.  Using the BLAST algortihm, the query 
    sequence is compared to the consensus sequence derived from each 
    domain family.

  * Retrieve domain family entries.  Using FETCHDOM the mailserver retrieves 
    each domain family as a multiple alignment of homologous amino acid 
    segments and includes the consensus sequence derived from the alignment.

  * Retrieve the domain organization of proteins found in SwissProt release 
    24.0, using ASKDOM. 

For more information, retrieve the helpfile for the ProDom mailserver by 
mailing a message to prodom at toulouse.inra.fr with the word HELP on a single 
line in the body of the message.

    Elizabeth Greene, Jerome Gouzy and Daniel Kahn

    Laboratoire de Biologie Moleculaire
    des Relations Plantes-Microorganismes,
    BP 27
    31326 Castanet-Tolosan Cedex

    eagreene at toulouse.inra.fr
    gouzy at toulouse.inra.fr
    dkahn at toulouse.inra.fr 

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