Program for RNA folding

stueber at VAX.MPIZ-KOELN.MPG.d400.de stueber at VAX.MPIZ-KOELN.MPG.d400.de
Wed Jun 29 07:23:32 EST 1994

In reply to all those who have requested a copy of my program FALTUNG.
The program (package) is about 20 Mbyte (before compression) and 
I am going to put it on our ftp server
sun1 at vax.mpiz-koeln.mpg.d400.de in
the directory /pub/vms/genex

but please wait till monday to give me time to upload the stuff!
manuals and installation instructions are included.
there is a login.com file in the top level directory which
has to be executed before using the progs.

greetings kurt

stueber at vax.mpiz-koeln.mpg.d400.de

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