Request: RNA folding prog. w/ ~2.5 kb RNA?

Neal Dalton nrd at data.med.umn.edu
Tue Jun 28 09:40:26 EST 1994

Graham Redgrave (gwr at socrates.ucsf.edu) wrote:

: 	We are interested in finding a sub-optimal RNA folding
: program for RNA molecules longer than 850, specifically able to
: handle at least 25.kb.  We have the GCG package, and mfold is
: ideal except for its 850 base limit.  Modifying mfold is, I think,
: a possibility for us, though I don't maintain the source code and
: the person who does is currently on leave.

In the GCG directory there is a file called
gcgsource/include/mfoldblock.inc with a maxn variable set to 850.  I'm
pretty sure if you change this your limit will go up.  I did it for


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