EGCG and GelPicture??

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at biomaster.uio.no
Sat Jun 25 15:57:46 EST 1994

FRANK,BART (bfrank at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu) wrote:
> What is EGCG and GlPicture?
> Our version 7.3 of GCG does not have this program?

> Bart Frank

EGCG is a collection of programs that use GCG's subroutine library.
The programs are developed and maintained by Peter Rice, Jack Leunissen,
Reinhard Doelz and Rodrigo Lopez. If you have a GCG licence then I would
have a look at the content of the distribution media. Look for the
unsupported save set or directory. EGCG can be found there. If you
have a WWW client (mosaic, cello, lynx, etc...) you can point and shoot
to URL http://biomaster.uio.no/  Look for the item EGCG and there you will
find more extencive info about the programs.


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