Please help with 2D peptide maps

ormondt at rullf2.LeidenUniv.nl ormondt at rullf2.LeidenUniv.nl
Wed Jun 1 08:22:43 EST 1994

Dear Colleagues,

Some years ago we obtained from Lisa Caballero (San Diego) a program that
calculates a 2D map for tryptic digests of phosphorylated proteins. It
is a refinement of the GCG program peptidesort. On a number of occasions
this program has been very useful to us. Now we have problems, and the 
generous donor has left San Diego.

Recently, we switched from Vax to DEC Alpha. Since then I have not been 
able to use the program any longer. I recompiled the accompanying 
PEPTIDESORT.FOR file with the help of gcgsupport and sharelink. The
program started allright, gave all the expected questions, and then just
stopped dead, without error messages. 

The companion program, MOBILITY, now gives an error message: it cannot find 
the required GCG double-period, ".." in the output file from 
PEPTIDESORT, while I can see them with mine own eyes.

Can anyone tell me whether I have to change anything in the source 
codes, or does anyone have an .EXE file that runs on the Alpha? We would 
be very grateful.

  Hans van Ormondt			| Tel. 31-71-276034
  Lab. for Molecular Carcinogenesis	| FAX  31-71-276284
  Sylvius Laboratory, Univ. of Leiden 	|		
  P.O. Box 9503, 2300 RA Leiden		| e-mail  ormondt at rulgca.leidenuniv.nl
  The Netherlands			|	  ormondt at rullf2.Leidenuniv.nl

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