Locating exons

Chad Price x7936 cprice at unmc.edu
Tue Jul 26 10:37:36 EST 1994

Ronald N. Cole (cole at NJORD.SCS.UIUC.EDU) wrote:
: Hello,
:         We are studying exons.  We are looking for a piece of software, or a
: database which will help us.

: Ideally we would like to have a program where;

: 1.) We provide a specific pdb filename (eg. pdb1mbo.ent)
: 2.) We recieve a complete DNA sequence file containing the location of exons

: Please send the information to me.  If there is interest I post a summary. 

It's not entirely clear what you are asking for:

Are you asking for software which tells you about known exons in sequences on
file in a database? If so, then simply read the output from the GCG fetch

Or are you asking for a piece of software which will find exons in sequences
where no-one has any a-priori knowledge of the location of exons within that
sequence?   This is an unsolved problem currently, although numerous attempts
have been made at solving it, some of which have had a reasonable degree of
success. These techniques are in the papers published, and if that's what you
are looking for, let me know and I'll look up a few of them.

chad price

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