Strange shell behavior with GCG programs

Leunissen Jack jackl at genes.icgeb.trieste.it
Wed Jul 13 02:01:18 EST 1994

eesnyder at sequana.com (Eric E. Snyder) writes:

>I am experiencing a bizarre behavior of t/csh when using
>gcg programs.  On Solaris and SunOS, translate (for example)
>appears to break the standard "here doc" functionality
>of the shell.  The idea is to feed input to a program that
>wants to take it interactively (ie that can't use command-
>line arguments).
>translate << +
>Unfortunately, tranlate (and several others I have tried)
>is doing something weird, giving the error:
>(jayhawker)[2:48pm]fasta>>translate << +
>Can't << within ()'s.
>Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

The problem arises from the fact that "translate" is really an alias;
if you type "alias translate", you will see:

( set noglob; $GCGUTILDIR/tranlate !* )

You CAN make the redirection-trick work, by calling the program by its
full name:

$GCGUTILDIR/translate << +

This will work.


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