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Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics THOMPSON at JAGUAR.CSC.WSU.EDU
Wed Jul 13 17:15:53 EST 1994

Hello GCG users -

David Mathog recently picked up a thread in INFO-GCG and wrote:

>Simple???  For who?  Try getting a couple of hundred computerphobic users to
>remember that one.  I'm hoping that the GCG GUI is decent, because most of
>my users really do not like the command line.

We are involved in the GCG Field Test of beta 8, and I absolutely agree with
you about computerphobia and anti-command line personalities.  However, don't
be holdin' your breath for GCG's new GUI called WPI (Wisconsin Package
Interface).  Maybe if your users are real familiar with X elsewhere, they'll be
comfortable, but it sure ain't no Mac smiley face!  Multiple window managers
are required to see anything, special directories and files appear in your
account, all sorts of things that you know will intimidate the naive occur.

And good luck on trying to set up X-servers on your users machines.  So far
I've only tried eXodus on Mac.  It certainly was no picnic.  I only hope the
others are more intuitive.  The biggest problem was we run VAX VMS here with a
preferred TCP/IP route.  eXodus documents VAX with DECnet and UNIX with TCP/IP,
but not the other way 'round.   Things eventually worked out, but I'm still not
completely satisfied.

					Take care - Steve Thompson

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