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Alfred Beck - MPI fuer Molekulare Genetik beck at MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE
Tue Jan 25 06:59:25 EST 1994

Dear info-gcg netters,

on your requests I put the predict_multi program on an anonymous ftp-server:

           denver.RZ-Berlin.MPG.DE: molbio/predict_multi.txt

it is a ASCII-file which includes the following files: 

PREDICT_MULTI.for  main program, compile it and link it with the gcg link
                   command: "sharelink", define a symbol like:

FONT88.DAT         Font-file for the symbol a-helix, b-sheet and so on
                   put it in the directory genfonts (recommanded), or try to 
                   define a privat logical search list "genfont" with you 
                   private-font directory and the gcg-font-directory in it.

PREDICT_MULTI.Red  manual of predict-multi, use the gcg-red command to format

DN2.EXAMPLE        Include file for the manual.

PREDICT_MULTI.CMD  Information file for the gcg-commandline control. Used with
                   the qualifier "/check". Also used as include file for the 
                   manual. If possibel, put a copy of this file to the 
                   directory "genrundoc:"
PREDICT_MULTI.TXT  Program information file. Also used as include file for the 
                   manual. If possibel, put a copy of this file to the 
                   directory "genrundoc:"

       The program is programmed for gcg version 5 and not full addaped for
       gcg Version 7 but it is useabel with this version. It use some
       subroutines from gcg's prediction programs.

       compile it:   $ For predict_multi
       link it:      $ sharelink predict_multi
                     ignore the error messages I think it work (?)

       open problem: I need a font # 88 but WFont kill it in version 7 of gcg,
                     so I defined a new ABWFont and this give the error
                     message. I will try to fix this problem in a release
                     for gcg version 8.

Please let me know, if there are any other problems. I will try to fix them.

Alfred Beck


 Dr. Alfred Beck
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 Ihnestrasse 73                                         FAX:     (030) 8413-365
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