Primer design

Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Mon Jan 24 12:31:58 EST 1994

In <2i0msbINNs53 at newsstand.cit.cornell.edu> douglas writes:

> Where can one access PRIMER?

As stated before, no permission to distribute it through a-ftp. Let's say
if someone wants a copy of what I run here I'll mail an UUEncoded ZIP-file.
It's a bit VMS-specific but should be run under UNIX as well after some
minor modifications. You'll get a copy from me only if you are willing to
distribute the package further. In case that only a few of you ask for a
copy, ok. But if my mailbox tends to overflow I will forward the requests
to those that already got a copy ;-)

> Second, what is MENUE?

A commercial package that has been developed here. Send me a private mail if
you need more info.

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