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|> >>>>> On 22 Jan 94 10:46:20 GMT, 
|> GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE (Christoph Gartmann) said:
|> > Here we use
|> >    PRIMER: A Computer Program for Automatically Selecting PCR Primers
|>|> > in conjunction with
|> >   !***  ToPrimer  *****************************************************
|> Are there any published papers on PRIMER or ToPrimer?
|> Thanks in advance.
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Ok. Here are my two cents worth on ToPrimer:


ToPrimer formats a GCG 7.x sequence file into a primer
compatible sequence file.




ToPrimer is a EGCG application. EGCG is a collection of programs
written by Peter Rice (EMBL Heidelberg) Jakko Hattula (Tampere
University, Finland) and Rodrigo Lopez (EMBnet, Norway), requiring
the GCG package's subroutine library.

The programs are available (latest versions) from the EMBL ftp server
'ftp.embl-heidelberg.de' in the directory /pub/software/vax/egcg.

If you or your lab use GCG look in the distribution CDROM (or tapes)
for a directory labeled UNSUPPORTED. Here you will find EGCG and
some other goodies.

For a complete description of the EGCG package you may use
the WWW browser mosaic. Use the following URL:


There is a special entry point that describes EGCG.

If you require a particular program only please contact me.


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