Primer design with GCG

jenkins at aidsun.nibsc.ac.uk jenkins at aidsun.nibsc.ac.uk
Fri Jan 14 05:07:43 EST 1994

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Michael Robertson wrote :-)

I am designing primers for PCR to amplify a region in the p24 regio of 
the HIV Gag protein.  Is there a program in GCG that will 
allow me to test my primers against known HIV sequences to make sure I 
will not be amplifying other regions of the virus?

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I've used the Fasta program within the GCG Suite several times; apparently with some degree of success in finding unwanted homology when I did similar studies for SIV work.  If you have access to the Los Alamos HIV Dbase by G.Myers, search against that, if not Genbank is more than sactisfactory.

Hope your search proves useful:-)

Adrian Jenkins
Jenkins at Uk.ac.nibsc.comp

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