Line length limit for Pretty?

Peter Rice rice at embl-heidelberg.de
Thu Jan 13 14:49:28 EST 1994

In article <robison1.758402589 at husc10>, robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu (Keith
Robison) writes:
> I've been trying to use Pretty to format some alignments, and seem
> to have run into a limit of 110 residues per line.  Has anyone else
> experienced this?  This limit does not appear to be documented.

I seem to recall it is hardcoded into the program. Just edit 110 to
something else (anything up to 220 is probably OK, but watch the size
of the other arrays) and recompile and relink.

GCG calls to pick up command line parameters or read from the terminal
have ranges to check against. If you exceed the limit it just chops the
value down (or up).

You can of course change this to make it issue a message with a little
modification of the procedure library, but that is for the brave.

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