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Keith Robinson keith at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca
Mon Jan 10 12:43:34 EST 1994

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> Does anyone know of a good textbook for the GCG Genetics Package?  We have the
> documentation provided by the Genetics Computer Group, but we are looking for
> something a bit more like a textbook.
> Please send responses to me at THC at VAX8.CFSAN.FDA.GOV and thanks for your help.
> Ted Chambers
> FDA, Washington DC

It's not a textbook, but I do have a manual I picked up from the AFRC
(sorry, don't remember what this is an acronym for). Unfortunately, 
I've lost the address of their server where this manual was.
It seems to be a text of a course they hold for their staff on
using GCG. It's quite well done, and fairly easy to follow for
newcommers to GCG (which is who I guess it's written for). The manual
is delivered as an archive of preformmated postscript files, which you 
print yourself. On the downside (for us), it's very vax specific.
Mayby someone elese on the net can fill in the missing facts.

Keith Robinson              
Dept. of Biochemistry       The University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta           Canada

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