Printing GCG graphics with PC

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
Sun Jan 2 13:41:00 EST 1994

In Article <2g2pmv$hmo at TAMUTS.TAMU.EDU> "dln4300 at TAMUTS.TAMU.EDU (David L. Northcliffe)" says:
> In article <19931228130241.bloksber at thomashaw-at.css.msu.edu>,
> Leonard N. Bloksberg <bloksber at pilot.msu.edu> wrote:
> >I have done this on both my old vax account, and my new unix account.  It
> >is very simple, and I usually set it up in my login.com or .login as the
> >default for my account.  The commands are the same on both accounts, but the
> >syntax my change a little.  Try a couple permutations to see what works on
> >your system, then write it into your login file as your default.  First, you
> >must set up your HP Laserprinter on LPTI (look up the commands for another
> >printer).  It will not read LPTII, and I cannot get it to re-set.  I have
> >gotten it to go to a network printer that was networked through LPTI.  The 
> >command is:
> >.
> >hpgl laserjetiii term
> >.
> About two years ago I did a lot of experimenting with different GCG
> graphics configurations.  Here are the resulting modifications in our
> login.com file (of course this is Vax syntax):
> $! *********   Graphics/Plotting Mode Command Abbreviations   ********
> $!
> $       tk :=='Tektronix' Tek4014 Term:
> $!
> $       tv :=='Tektronix' VersaTerm-Tek4105 Term:
> $!
> $       ps :=='PostScript' LaserWriter Term:
> $!
> $       lj :=='HPGL' LaserJetIII Term: a4
> $!
> $       hp :=='HPGL' HP7550 hpout.hpgl a4
> $!
> $       eps :== 'PostScript' EPSF psout.epsf
> $!
> $!
> The command "lj", pass-through printing to LaserJet, has never worked for
> me before, but it just worked 5 minutes ago.  Hmmmmmmm.  It did goof up
> the margin, however, so I might have to set the page to something else
> besides A4.
> ..............................................................................
>                                                       David Northcliffe
>                                                       dln4300 at rigel.tamu.edu
>                                                       dln4300 at tamuts.tamu.edu
I had some problem with this too.  Turns out that most programs re-set
margins on the HP Laserjet to program settings.  Some programs (especially
true pass-through type jobs) just take the default settings on the printer.
Most programs that I have ever seen use 66 lines per page as default, but 
every HP Laserjet I have used comes with 60 lines per page as default.  You
can re-set your laserjet by pressing "On-Line" to take it off line, and using
"Menu" and "+", "-", and "Enter" to re-set the printer defaults.  This should
work for this problem.
As for the rest of your comments, thanks for a very informative post.  :-)
Good Luck.
.	Leonard N. Bloksberg
.	bloksber at pilot.msu.edu

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