Help: Pass Through Printing?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
Thu Feb 24 15:50:00 EST 1994

	I am trying to print pepplot output from GCG on UNIX directly 
through my IBM PC (ethernet card) to my HP laserjet III printer.
	I have reset output language to hpgl, and set the printer to term, 
so my print output passes directly through my pc to my laserjetIII printer.
The printer starts and then jams with a memory overflow.  I then bought a
3meg memory module and installed it into my printer (printer now recognizes
4megs of memory on a test).  Still I have the same problem.  
	I know that I have set this up in another lab with a laserjet III
with 3megs of memory and it worked.  The main difference was the presence of
a print spooler (part of a print network) on that system.  This is a 
dedicated printer.
	I am launching my ethernet driver out of windows, so I tried to use
the windows print spooler (print manager), but I can't get it to accept the
print jobs from a DOS application.  I tried loading PCKWIK, with it's DOS
print spooler, but all my print jobs jam.  I have considered either getting
a windows based ethernet driver or buying "Microsoft windows printing system"
which claims to spool DOS print jobs too.
	Does anyone have any advice on this problem?  Any input on the 
options I am considering?  Any recomendations for a good print spooler or
ethernet driver to fix this problem?  I have gotten this to work before,
and I can still print jobs that are less memory intensive, but I want to 
print all my outputs.  Please help.
	Leonard N. Bloksberg
	bloksber at pilot.msu.edu

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