surface rendering of CT data

Nathan John O'Connor oconnn at jec322.its.rpi.edu
Wed Feb 16 15:20:29 EST 1994

	I am developing a three dimensional visualization package for rendering surfaces from CT data. The algorithm I plan to use for data processing is known as "dividing cubes." It was developed by Cline et. al. in 1988. It basically involves the subdivision of voxels into small cubes lying on the surface ( constant intensity/density ) of the object of interest and projecting the intensity calculated for each cube onto the viewing plane. For optimal resolution, the cube size is chosen as the pixel size for the

 raster display. I am developing under UNIX on a SUN workstation. If anyone knows of a system ( source code etc. ) utilizing such a "point primatives" algorithm that is readily available ( ftp etc. ), I would be greatful for the information.
					Thank You in Advance,
						Nathan O'Connor  

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