ftp site for afrc_manual.tar?

Lyle Wiedeman wiedeman at UCI.EDU
Mon Feb 14 18:07:59 EST 1994

Here is a copy of the original post.  I got the manual via the
mail server, in six pieces I assembled into a uuencoded document.
I had no trouble uudecoding or tar-extracting the files.  What
I did have trouble with was printing -- I lost the top 2/3 of the
first line of every page, and have contacted Dr. O'Donnell about it.

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To: info-gcg at net.bio.net
From: chod21633 at ggr.co.uk
Subject: AFRC manual - was textbook for GCG
Date: 26 Jan 1994 10:16:20 -0000

In answer to queries on this newsgroup at the beginning of the month about
a GCG textbook: (With apologies to those who have seen this on bionews. I have
been off the net for a short time and did not realise the query came from
info-gcg rather than bionews..)

The following is available on the embl fileserver:

    o   AFRC_MAN.UAA            - AFRC training manual in molecular biology
                                  software, focussing on the GCG software
                                  package (Cary O'Donnell), Sep 1993
                                  (Unix-compress, tar, sent in 6 parts .UAA
                                   to .UAF).

(AFRC = Agricultural & Food Research Council)

The fileserver address is:  netserv at de.embl-heidelberg

Send the command GET DOC:AFRC_MAN.UAA to the file server.

You will also need the UUD code and will also need to untar the file after

WORD source code for this document may be available in the near future,
please be patient as I convert it from ..... you don't want to know :-)

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