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Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Mon Feb 14 08:02:36 EST 1994

jenkins at aidsun.nibsc.ac.uk wrote:

: Przemko wrote

:> Hi!
:> I am new to GCG (was using IG-Suite) and have a question concerning
:> the menu. The interface appears to be rather industrial, unforgiving
:> and generally user unfriendly. Is there an X interface, you know-
:> point-and-click kind, so that I could easily move around etc.

: The answer is a simple yes.


: It is called gcgnav and you have to 'invoke' it after invoking gcg. 

Unfortunately gcgnav is only available for UNIX versions of GCG. If you
run GCG on a VAX you have to stick to text-based menus of which there
are at least two programs around (sorry, don't have names handy; if
you are interested in those you can obtain them via anonymous ftp
from EMBL).

As already mentioned X will be available in Version 8 of GCG (hopefully).


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