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Przemko wrote

I am new to GCG (was using IG-Suite) and have a question concerning
the menu. The interface appears to be rather industrial, unforgiving
and generally user unfriendly. Is there an X interface, you know-
point-and-click kind, so that I could easily move around etc. Also something
that would automatically generate the plots from various graphic
programs. Now I have to remember all these extensions...

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The answer is a simple yes.  However as far as I am aware, it requires seperate installation, and I'm unsure what operatring  systems it's on apart from Iris/Solaris.

It is called gcgnav and you have to 'invoke' it after invoking gcg.  You may also have to add the following in your .cshrc (assuming your using unix)

alias gcgnav  '/path/gcg/gcgcore/script/gcgnav &'

GCGnav is a menu system with full use of the mouse.

Its quite neat (in my opinion)

To use graphics,  type xwindows  anyname  anycolour at the prompt and a window should appear.

You may have to, depending on your machine/workstation give permission for the server to draw xwindows on your terminal/workstation.... refer to your system manager.

Hope this is helpful...


              Adrian Jenkins
              jenkins at uk.ac.nibsc.comp


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