Help on fetching an entry from swissprot ?

Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Sat Feb 12 15:48:20 EST 1994

In <2jjb6g$ju1 at threed.uchc.edu> richk at mbcg.uchc.edu writes:

> A quick question (probably and FAQ but I'm new to this group). Is there a 
> simple way to FETCH an entry from the SwissProt database ? I've tried
> $ FETCH 
> FETCH copies GCG sequences or data files from the GCG database
> into your directory or displays them on your terminal 
>  FETCH what sequence(s) ?  sw:mbp_rat
>  Mbp_Rat.Sw
>  *** Sequence "Mbp_Rat.Sw" could not be read or is not in GCG format!

This seems to be a problem for your system-manager. What you did was ok
and lead to the expected result when I tried it here. Thus, there seems to
be something wrong with the SwissProt database at your site.

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