ftp site for afrc_manual.tar?

Patricia Grandoni pgrandon at soma.UMDNJ.EDU
Fri Feb 11 10:12:39 EST 1994

Last week or so I retrieved the file afrc_manual.tar from an ftp site.  When
I went to unpack this file I got a block size change error after 6 or 7 files
had been unpacked.  I would really like to get this documentation but I
forgot which site I got it from.  Could somebody refresh my memory on which
ftp sites have this documentation and also has anyone unpacked it
successfully?  I hope so.
  In advance thanks,
Patricia Grandoni                       pgrandon at umdnj.edu
User Support  Camden/Stratford   voice: (609)-566-6805
UMDNJ/IST/Academic Comp Serv     voice: (609)-757-7875
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