kloska at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de kloska at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de
Thu Feb 10 11:19:49 EST 1994

Hallo !

Is there anyone out there who knows about a version of the LFASTA
Programm by Mr. W.R. Pearson (as described in Methods in Enzymology
Vol 183 p63-97), which runs under VAX/VMS and handles the GCG-DataBase ?

We run the gcg8 Version but couldn't find any hint to the programm in
the help or manual-pages (or maybe were simply to stupid to find it :( ).

Especially the possibility to set user-defined scoring-matrices would be
of great help for our current sequence identifying problems

Thanks in advance....

Sebastian Kloska (kloska at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de)

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