GCG package for UNIX hosts

Peter Rice rice at embl-heidelberg.de
Thu Feb 10 02:44:17 EST 1994

In article <2j8ohtINNm0d at polaris.cs.unc.edu>, singh at cs.unc.edu (Raj Kumar Singh)
> 1. Is GCG package available on UNIX machine? 

Yes. You have to mail GCG directly (help at gcg.com) for details of which
machines, operating systems and compilers are supported.

> 2. I Had heard rumors about major portions of GCG package 
>    being re-written using C language.  What is the status 
>    of this effort?

Again, GCG are the ones to ask. GCG 7.0 is actually fairly close to C
because the procedure library (see below) includes providing common C
functions (including printf for formatting output) for FORTRAN programs.

> 3. Is there a document that describes the interface to the GCG's 
>    custom database format for help in developing new applications?

There is extensive documentation on all the procedure library (function)
calls, and some internal details, in the system support manual that
comes with GCG. You also get the full source code. The only C in GCG 7.3
was the original FASTA program.

> 4. Is GCG planning to adapt to NCBI's ASN.1 format database distribution?

Pass. But I hope they stay with the present format.

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