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Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at biomaster.uio.no
Wed Feb 9 04:42:00 EST 1994

In article <1994Feb6.143627.161967 at embl-heidelberg.de>, rice at embl-heidelberg.de (Peter Rice) writes:
|> In article <2iple5$pae at dingo.cc.uq.oz.au>, andrew at qimr.edu.au (Andrew Healey)
|> writes:
|> > OK, here's a question from one of our students for one of you guru's
|> > from Heidelberg.
|> > The student couldn't get fastacheck to work on a valid .fasta output.
|> > I tried also and the program touches a .check file for output then
|> > stops midway without writing any output, thus leaving a file of zero
|> > size. At  first I thought this was because nothing significant was found
|> > but even when a sequence is fasta'd against itself (perfect match) the
|> > fastacheck program comes to a stop.
|> > Any ideas?
|> I was unaware of any problem. If you mail me privately with details of the
|> EGCG version you are using (VMS (VAX or ALPHA), Unix (which one)), and the
|> origin of the FASTA output (GCG, original, E-mail, or whatever) I will
|> take a look.


The version of fastacheck in the gcg distribution is and old one
that has some ldummy lines in it. The new version of the code -
same as in the VMS distribution - has been fixed and is in the
latest release of EGCG for VMS. I just compiled this one under
IRIX and it works quite well.

Since the EGCG team still has some problems with the distribution
of EGCG for UNIX I will post this version to bionet.software.gcg
and bionet.software.sources. Please excuse me for using bandwidth
with these.


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